15th Century Coaching House

The Chequer Inn is a historic 15th Century Coaching House believed to date from around 1440. 

Chequer Inn, Steyning, Shepherd Neame

A long history

Apart from supplying accommodation and a change of horses for passenger or mail coaches The Chequer Inn has also acted as a Court House, Jail, Auction Room, Post Office, Cornoner's Inquest office, Trading Post and an important local meeting place. For many years The Chequer boasted a 25 foot mahogany dining table and played host to many a banquet of mutton, beef, pigeon, and pheasant.

In the 19th Century accommodation was provided in eight chambers ranging from gentlemen's rooms with curtained four-post beds to the drovers' quarters containing straw beds or palliases. Servants also lived on the premises, usually numbering around six according to the inn's documentation.

Chequer Inn, Steyning, Shepherd Neame

And more...

During this period the Chequer consisted of a Smoking Bar and a Gaming Room. Teas were also served in the more genteel Lower Saloon and cock fights were also held at the inn.

The inn today retains many of its original features, including open fires and intriguing timber-framed architecture which reflect its fascinating 500+ year history. Home-cooked food is served in the dining room, or near to the open log fire in the Saloon Bar, along with a good selection of fine wines and local and award-winning ales. A 100 year old snooker table is also available in the billiard/snooker room, and we have large screen plasma TVs in the Public Bar for popular sporting events.

All of these features combine to make a memorable visit or stay in one of the oldest and finest inns in Sussex.